Erotic massage – forbidden fruit or mysterious art from distant Asia

Our everyday life is filled with constant stress, difficulties at work, fatigue, quarrels with loved ones and negative events. To somehow distract from everyday problems and relax, there are various types of massage. Erotic massag is one of the best and most enjoyable tools for restoring your strength.

But in the modern world, the concept of this https://night-angels.com.ua/en/ erotic massage Lviv is perceived as something forbidden and vulgar. Let’s see what this technique includes and why it was created.

The history of the origin and purpose of body massage. Mysterious art from distant Asia

The art of erotic massage originated hundreds of years ago in Asian countries. The first mention of him can be found in the Indian Kama Sutra and Chinese Tao-love. Back then, this technique was only applicable to men. It was from the Kama Sutra that the world learned about the stimulating properties of oils with aphrodisiacs. It was believed that erotic massage had healing properties, endowed a man with spiritual and physical strength. Also, using various techniques along with massage oils and incense, women prepared a partner for intercourse.

Nowadays, the pleasure of erotic massage in Aphrodite is available to the beautiful half of humanity. Special techniques have appeared that affect the most intimate female erogenous zones.

Preliminary preparation for erotic massage and its main stages

девушка на кухнеAn erotic massage requires a suitable atmosphere. The venue should be comfortable and clean. Scented candles or essential oils will create an inviting atmosphere, and music will enhance this effect. Before starting the procedure, it is advisable to take a hot bath, this will additionally prepare the body for the mystery of erotic body massage.

The first stage is preparation or gong fu. The masseur prepares the body with light movements. The aromatic oils rub against the skin, the muscles relax, and negative thoughts slowly recede.

The second stage is tao. The massage therapist intensifies his impact, preparing the body for more action. This period is also called transitional.

The third stage is an-mo or rubbing. Here the masseur switches to erogenous zones, affecting them with gentle touches, causing excitement and a surge of strength.

The fourth stage is mo-fu or abdominal massage. It’s no secret that the belly is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. With counterclockwise movements, the masseur rubs the area of ​​the abdomen and navel, warms it up. Sexual desire increases, the body is ready for the final stage.

The fifth stage is the culmination. The masseur stimulates the partner’s body with various body parts. This can be chest, legs, belly, buttocks, and even hair.

Amazing healing properties of body massage. Effect on the female and male body

It is not for nothing that it is believed that erotic massage in the Imperia erotic massage salon in Vinnitsa has healing properties. During the massage, a woman releases hormones, increases her libido, improves her mood. Some people report an improvement in their appearance and state of mind. In men, libido also increases, stress is relieved, relaxation and recovery of the whole body occurs.

Competent erotic massage is an art that will not only add variety to your sex life, but also help restore physical strength, relieve depression and improve your spiritual state.

Elite erotic VIP massage, an exclusive program just for you.

Элитный эротический массаж в салоне АфродитаErotic massage is a technique of influencing the human body in order to obtain pleasure and complete relaxation. The history of the development of technology goes back to the ancient East. The priestesses of love were sophisticated in their abilities to influence the body through massage. At this stage, the art has been brought to perfection, massage is not considered a shameful act, more and more people resort to it.

We offer an elite erotic VIP massage only to our special clients. Relaxation, restoration of vitality will help to find an erotic VIP massage. Young experienced masters of their craft, their gentle hands, will make you find pleasure and feel at the peak of bliss.

The purpose of erotic massage is to relieve tension in the body, both physical and spiritual. People with complexes get the opportunity to gain self-confidence, the inner world and the subconscious of a person are brought up. After the massage, a person is fully prepared for love joys and intimacy, feelings are heated to the limit.

Here a man can feel like a hero – a lover next to a gorgeous woman. Here he will be loved and special in the hands of an experienced craftswoman. We have a VIP – the client feels like a king of beasts, a king who obeys subjects and women.

For women, the services are performed by a master with a beautiful physique, in his hands she will feel carefree and happy. The body and mind will relax, the body will enjoy unknown sensations.

Exclusive program of erotic VIP – massage

Elite erotic VIP massage does not include services of an intimate nature, it is prohibited.

The program for erotic VIP massage includes novelties of foreign techniques for conducting individual massage.

This exclusive VIP client program is designed with the smallest detail for a relaxing experience of true pleasure. Erotic VIP massage is completely safe and confidential.

The massage begins with the choice of the location for the procedure.

The VIP client is offered a wide choice of secluded places:

Bedrooms with luxurious interiors and champagne, shower with masseuse.

Erotic massage techniques for VIP clients

The exclusive VIP erotic massage program includes a number of techniques that our special client would like to try on himself:

  1. Body massage;
  2. Thai technology;
  3. Japanese erotic massage;
  4. European massage;
  5. Tantric massage.

Each technique is good in its own way. As a result of each of them, a VIP client:

  • discovers new sensations,
  • gets a lot of fun
  • becomes ready for intimacy.